Consulting and Training

WCM Consulting AB helps you succeeding with Lean and World-Class Manufacturing.

We follow our "Lean Change Process" (see illustration) that combines strategical thinking, classroom training, and on-the-job coaching.

From our Swedish head quarter, with a global network, we deliver consulting and training all over the world.

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World-Class / Lean Manufacturing


TPM and World Class Maintenance




Production Strategy


SMED Quick Change-over


OEE - system


Management seminars

Management seminars lay the foundations for future efforts. Managers and key personnel receive an introduction to the basic ideas and a common picture emerges. We tailor the content of the seminar to your requirements.


This study is based on the collection of facts, interviews, and analyzes. Based on these we determine the areas to be developed and estimate their financial potential. The aim of the investigation is to provide a solid base for decision-making before we produce the action plan.

Action Plan

Since management must take ownership, and run with, the changes it is important that management also takes ownership of the action plan. The production and decisions surrounding the action plan are arrived at during a workshop where the preliminary investigation provides important input. The aim is to create a realistic plan over the next two years.

Coaching and Mentoring

Mentoring and sounding boards for Lean/TPM - coordinators, and lean consultants for management. Read more about mentoring.


WCM Consulting AB offer in-house training – an important tool for the improvement initiative.

The difference between our training and other traditional methods is that we offer more than theoretical knowledge. All our training is offered on-site at your premises where we jointly apply techniques by developing your ways of working and the layout of the workplace in practice. As a result of our training programs, you are left with solid, well-proven action plans, measurable goals, and dedicated personnel.

We often combine the training with some days of consultant support to ensure that the desired transformation is achieved.

5S training

The 5S training our most popular training course. We train all personnel at your premises, and one 5S step is implemented per month.Read more. (5S training material is available for download here)

SMED training

This training takes two days. A production section or an individual machine is chosen. The theory is interwoven with analysis of your equipment and current working methods. Action plans, checklists and a new work standard is agreed upon. Goals and measuring methods are finalized.Read more (SMED training material is available for download here)

Standardized Work

Standardized work training is a one or two-day session that combines theoretical studies and practical exercises.