5S training and consultant services

WCM Consulting offers in-house training in 5S based on the book "Succeeding with 5S" by Oskar Olofsson. The target groups for the training could be change agents in your organisation or the whole workforce.

The unique aspect of our offer is that it includes activities that involve the entire workforce in the detailed planning of their workplace, as well as focused consultant support to management and key personnel.

Using well-considered training material and follow-up tools we ensure a solid platform.

How does it work?

Month 1

Training and implementation of step 1 – Sort.

WWork starts with a day's training on your premises. During the training, we use the morning for theory and discussions. The aim of this section is to create an understanding of the concept and an acceptance of the fact that 5S is useful for everyone.

During the afternoon, we start the first practical stage of 5S – surveying our situation. We highlight everything that needs to be done so that our work is effective, and the workplace is easy to keep tidy. The result will be an action plan for the next 30 days.

After our day's training, we introduce one stage of 5S per month.

Month 2

"Set in order"– Here we create effective work stations with a place for everything, and everything in its place, ergonomically sound with efficient flows.

Month 3

"Shiny clean"–The facility is thoroughly cleaned, inside and out. The goal is a mutually agreed standard and documentation of the process so that we can draw up clear routines. All personnel participate in this activity!

Month 4

Standardized Cleanup – Here we develop effective 5S procedures and a system that ensures that these procedures are adhered to, and any deviations become obvious.

Month 5

Sustain – All the appointed key personnel from each production section are involved in this, as well as management. The audit process will be introduced, and the requirements demanded by the 5S diploma are determined.

WCM Consulting heads up this task and is responsible for training as well as coaching of management and key personnel.

You appoint a core team that drives the project during the implementation and will take over the operation in the future.

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Oskar Olofsson, author of the book "Succeeding with 5S"

Step 1 Seiri – "Sort"

Step 2 - Seiton – "Set in Order"

Step 3 Seiso – "Shiny Clean"

Step 4 - Seiketsu – "Standardized Cleanup"

Step 5 - Shitsuke – "Sustain"