Experiences - Client List


AB Somas Ventiler

Current situation analysis and development of new production strategy

Carl F AB

5S introduction

Note Torsby AB

Training in 5S and Standardized work

Labkyl AB

Lean implementation in projects, installation and service

Näringslivsutveckling i Vetlanda AB

5S-training for 3 companies


Åkerströms Björbo AB

Introduction of Lean within Production, service and sales

Optinova AB

Set-up time reduction with SMED and 5S

Ahlström Munksjö AB

Introduction of Standard Work - training of instructors, workshops with staff, coaching of leaders

Kopparbergs Bryggeri AB

Training of instructors in production

Lantmännen Lantbruk

Training in 5S for supervisors


Ahlström Munksjö AB

Implementing Lean Leadership

Kopparbergs Bryggeri AB

Designing and implementing a new concept for on-the-job training

Allelektronik AB 

Prestudy, strategy development, and support in change management

Boxholms Profil 

Management training and support in implementing standardized work  

Ecolog Forestry 

Lean Training

Triclima AB 

Implementation of Lean Construction


Global Med-Tec company

Prestudy, strategy development, and support in change management (2 factories)

Kopparbergs Bryggeri AB&

Developing Digital Tools for implementing standardized work using AR-technology

Stora Enso Hylte Bruk 

Lean Training

Envirotainer AB

Implementing the WCM App, a digital lean tool

Gbo Fastening Systems AB

Implementing 5S and TPM

Kopparbergs Bryggeri AB 

Rapid Plant Assessment

ROL Group AB 

Implementing the WCM App, a digital lean tool


Layout for Lean in a new workshop

EBM Pampf 

5S Training 

SMF Skylt 

standardized work  

Espresso House 

5S Training 

PrecompSolutions AB 

Implementing the WCM App, a digital lean tool

Gbo Fastening Systems

Analysis According to Rapid Plant Assessment, strategy work and support in change work



Education in 5S


Strategy, World Class Manufacturing


Support in the Lean implementation

ABB Robotics

Training 5S for key personnel

Education and workshop in Lean Manufacturing


Keynote speaker, "Developing a Production Strategy"

A world-leading supplier of environmental technology

Strategy work Digital services and industry 4.0

Outokumpu Stainless

Management Seminar 5S

Thank you for a good day with 5s, Per Sundström, Manager Department Hot Rolling and Heat Treatment

Åbro Bryggeri

Introduction of Standardized Work. (including management seminar, training, project support, leading of workshops, etc.)

St Eriks

Interim solution - Maintenance Manager - introduction of preventive maintenance

Perstorp Oxo

Introduction of Standardized Work (Project Support, Leading Workshops, Education, etc.)


Dust Control

Rapid plant assessment, zero status analysis and proposal for action plan

Brilliant! It has happened a lot after your visit ... Göran Widolf, Production Manager

Åbro Bryggeri

Introduction of Standardized Work. (management seminar, training, project support, leading of workshops, etc.)

St Eriks

Interim solution maintenance manager - introduction of preventive maintenance

Helsingborg harbor

Education in modern maintenance management

Thank you for a well-completed education. Peder Jonsson, Maintenance Manager

RK Technology

5S training for change leaders and management seminar


Keynote speaker, "Succeeding with Standardized Work"


5S Trainang+ study visit

Kopparbergs bryggeri

Coaching of leaders for new roles and the introduction of Standardized Work Methods


Education in SMED and support in project implementation

Thank you once again for a good course. We have a huge action plan to work on. Bertil B, Lean Manager


5S training for management and key personnel


Aditya Birla Domsjö

Education in methods of root cause analysis

St Eriks

Implementation of 5S, Preventive Maintenance and autonomous maintenance Article (swedish)


Advanced 7-day lean training för change leaders

NCC Hercules

Introducion of 5S at NCC Hercules all plants in Sweden

Marcus Komponenter

Introduction of 5S

Kemira Kemi

Seven-day advanced lean training


5S training


IL Recycling

Implementation of 5S at 12 recycling plants. Including Program management support, training, coaching

Food industry

Audit of the Change Management Process and proposed action plan

Aditya Birla (Domsjöfriken)

5S and TPM implementation in production, shops and offices.

Robert Bosch GmbH

Training of Change Agents



Med tech industry

Lean training and workshop for management team

NCC Construction

Development of a new 5S-concept adapted to the challenges in the construction industry.Training of management and change agents

Eurenco Bofors

Value Stream Mapping – Mapping of present state, development of future state and action plan

Kemira Kemi

Advanced lean training and certification of Lean Partners and Managers (7 + 5 days)

Aditya Birla (Domsjöfriken)

Advanced support for the ”IMPROVE”-project for increased reliility. Prestudy, action plan, training, management support, and coaching Program management support. Training in root cause analysis for reliility and safety (together with IDCON. Inc)


Training of change agents

Posten Frimärken

Management Seminar



Food industry

Support with implementation of 5S and TPM at two factories

Process industry

Prestudy and development of action plan at four factories in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark

Kopparbergs bryggeri

Standardized Work Instructions implementation

Oerlikon Balzers Sandvik Coating

Lean Sales, management seminar, and workshop

Recycling Industry

Support Lean implementation



Kemira Kemi

Implementation of 5S

New Boliden

Lean Basic Training

John Deere Forestry

5S training


5S training

Kopparbergs bryggeri

Set-up time reduction using the SMED-method


Implementation of 5S, training and coaching



Large international Medtech company

Project Management MES / Electronic Batch Records implementation

Oerlikon Balzers Sandvik Coating

5S implementation Smurfit Kappa Piteå TPM seminar