Consultants in Lean / WCM

WCM Consulting AB provide support in all aspects of the implementation of Lean Manufacturing or World Class Manufacturing

We start with a situation analysis of your current situation, outline and agree the ambitions for the future, and support you along the way.

implementation plan

Plant Assessment

Works starts with the current situation analysis and fact-finding. This is where we analyze current practices with regard to, among other aspects:

  • The stability and efficiency of the processes
  • Process-orientation
  • Productivity and reliability
  • Bottlenecks
  • Corporate culture and leadership
  • Continuous improvements
  • Competence and training

This is a time-efficient activity, normally carried out during one week per site.


A two-day activity to commonly agree on:

Ambitions for the future

Together with you we outline future ambitions. This vision is then presented in a clear and simple manner, using, for example, layouts and flow diagrams, sketches, or a "picture story" – what will the factory look like in a few years' time?

Strategies and Action Plans

Based on the situation analysis and future ambitions we develop strategies and action plans tailored to your needs. We normally work with a master plan that extends over a number of years and detailed plans for the next three months. At this stage we decide on milestones and measurable targets.

The Implementation phase

WCM Consulting works actively during the implementation phase to ensure that targets are met with scheduled follow-ups.

An important tool for this task is classroom and on-the-job training, e.g. Value Stream Analysis, OEE, 5S, SMED and Kaizen.

We also offer support and coach management and key personnel, and assist with monitoring and visualization.

Results guaranteed

For your peace of mind we offer fixed price contracts based on measurable results and milestones or alternatively, on-going assignments followed up closely and with clear goals.

Please contact me for unconditional discussions about your situation.

Oskar Olofsson