Consultants in TPM / world class maintenance

WCM Consulting AB provide support in producing world-class maintenance.

Our philosophy is that "maintenance" is not a department or an organization but a task that is performed by those most qualified to do so. It is therefore important that the whole company is involved in developing the process.

We would prefer to be actively involved throughout the process from the fact-finding stage right through to the implementation.

The task of implementing TPM in an organization usually involves:

  1. Producing a situation analysis and collecting the facts. What is your current position in the maintenance pyramid?
  2. Creating strategies and action plans
  3. Defining targets and milestones
  4. Training in OEE, 5S, SMED, operator maintenance and Kaizen
  5. Management support and coaching
  6. Follow-up and visualization
  7. Mentor guidance for key personnel

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