Training, workshops and consultant support for the reduction of setup times

Learn SMED methodology by reducing setup times on your own equipment.

WCM Consulting AB will lead you through a project that combines training, workshops and consultant support. In this way you enjoy results immediately, at the same time gaining the knowledge to be able to carry out similar projects in the future.

Goals and objectives:

The objective of the training section is to give a solid understanding for working with tutorials where the use of a combination of reality and simulated events is important.

The workshops are designed to harness the collective expertise that exists among your personnel to systematically analyze and improve your own ways of working during the transition, and to produce good action plans.

Consultant assistance is to help you complete the project according to recognized principles so that knowledge is built up sufficiently for the project group to be able to carry out your future SMED projects without outside assistance.

The Target Group

A project group is appointed and trained, after which training they assume responsibility for the implementation. Operators, maintenance personnel management and engineers ought to be involved in the group.


  1. Survey of setup times
  2. Convert external setup operations to internal setup
  3. Standardized working methods with the aid of checklists and instructions
  4. Minimize internal and external setup
  5. Allow time for external setup using Poka Yoke and other effective methods
  6. Technical modifications of the equipment


Before the training starts, the daily working routine is recorded on video. This film is used for analysis during the course. In addition a follow-up of the day's changeover times is carried out - by operators filling in a simple form, for example.


Training and workshops are carried out over two days

After the course WCM Consulting AB will meet with the project group for coaching and support if needed.

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