Training, Workshops, and Consultant Support for the Reduction of Setup Times

Training, Workshops, and Consultant Support for the Reduction of Setup Times

Master the SMED methodology by reducing setup times on your own equipment with the guidance of WCM Consulting AB. We take you through a project that merges training, workshops, and consultant support, thereby achieving immediate results while also equipping you with the expertise to execute similar projects in the future.

Goals and Objectives:

The training aims to provide a firm understanding of working with tutorials that leverage a blend of real and simulated events. Workshops are crafted to harness your team's collective expertise to systematically analyze and improve your current practices during the transition and generate effective action plans.

Consultant support ensures the project's completion following recognized principles, fostering enough knowledge within the project group to conduct future SMED projects independently.

The Target Group

A project group will be appointed and trained, post which, they will assume responsibility for the implementation. The group should ideally comprise operators, maintenance personnel, management, and engineers.


  • Survey of setup times
  • Conversion of external setup operations to internal setup
  • Standardization of working methods using checklists and instructions
  • Minimization of internal and external setup
  • Allocation of time for external setup using Poka Yoke and other effective methods
  • Technical modifications of the equipment


Prior to the training, the daily working routine is recorded on video. This footage is analyzed during the course. Additionally, a follow-up of the day's changeover times is undertaken - for instance, operators can fill in a simple form.


Training and workshops span across two days. Post-course, WCM Consulting AB will be available to meet with the project group for coaching and support as needed.

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Convert external setup operations to internal setup

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