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Oskar Olofsson

Our office in Stockholm, Sweden offers global consulting services, digital tools for visual lean management, training, and easy-to-read books.


WCM Consulting AB helps you succeed with Lean and World-Class Manufacturing.

We follow our "Lean Change Process" (see illustration), combining strategic thinking, classroom training, and on-the-job coaching.

We deliver consulting and training all over the world from our Swedish headquarters, with a global network.


WCM Consulting AB offers in-house training – an essential tool for the improvement initiative. 

 The difference between our training and other traditional methods is that we offer more than theoretical knowledge. All our training is provided on-site at your premises, where we jointly apply techniques by developing your work and the workplace layout in practice. 

As a result of our training programs, you are left with solid, well-proven action plans, measurable goals, and dedicated personnel. We often combine the training with some days of consultant support to ensure that the desired transformation is achieved. 

5S training

The 5S training is our most popular training course. We train all personnel at your premises, and one 5S step is implemented per month.

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SMED training

This training takes two days. A production section or an individual machine is chosen. 

The theory is interwoven with analysis of your equipment and current working methods. Action plans, checklists, and new work standards are created.

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Standardized Work 

Work Standardized work training is a one or two-day session that combines theoretical studies and practical exercises. 


Succeeding With 5S

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Succeeding With Standardized Work

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Software for Lean and WCM

The WCM App

The WCM App

A Visual Management Platform  

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The OEE app

OEE Software

A stand-alone software for OEE/TAK

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About Oskar

Too many consulting companies see "lean" as a goal in itself. 

I have never seen it that way, but I always think the goal is something else. Often it is about improving productivity, sometimes being able to postpone investments or improving product quality. 

I want to offer a holistic view of where the current situation and goals are clear and where the tools from lean and other effective methods are selected and implemented thoughtfully. 

Over the years, I have helped clients such as NCC, ABB, and Kopparbergs Brewery approach a world-class production.

Oskar Olofsson