WCM Consulting AB offer in-house training – an important tool for the improvement initiative.

The difference between our training and other traditional methods is that we offer more than theoretical knowledge. All our training is offered on site at your premises where we jointly apply techniques by developing your own ways of working and the layout of the workplace in practice. As a result of our training programs you are left with solid, well-proven action plans, measurable goals and dedicated personnel.

We often combine the training with a number of days of consultant support to ensure that the desired transformation is achieved.

5S training

This is our most popular training course. All personnel are trained at your premises and one 5S step is implemented per month. Read more. (5S training material is available for download here)

SMED training

This training takes two days. A production section or an individual machine is chosen. Theory is interwoven with analysis of your own equipment and current working methods. Action plans, check lists and a new work standard is agreed upon. Goals and measuring methods are finalized. Read more (SMED training material is available for download here)

Operator maintenance

The training takes two days. Theoretical sessions are combined with an analysis of daily maintenance procedures for a chosen production section. The result of the training is agreed proposals for the new maintenance schedule which will be carried out by operators, maintenance personnel and specialists. In addition action plans for training and new instructions are produced. All affected personnel participate in the training.

Improvement groups / Kaizen

The training is carried out as a prelude to the new operating procedures for the improvement group. During the day's training participants gain knowledge and get practice in techniques for solving and analyzing problems. A facilitated improvements meeting is held where proposals are documented in accordance with predetermined practices, and managers are appointed. The training is often combined with consultant assistance to draw up systematic new working methods.

OEE measurement

All effective OEE systems are based on the operator entering reasons for stoppages into the system. An understanding of the reason for the measurement is the be-all and end-all for achieving meaningful data that can be used in the improvement process.

The training is often carried out in conjunction with the start of  OEE measurement on a particular piece of equipment. It can also be introduced as a way to increase understanding prior to proposed investment in a new system. Knowledge and understanding of how the measurement is performed and how the results will be used is very important to get reliable data to drive the initiative onward.

Lean Production

The extent of this training varies from short start-up seminars for the entire personnel, to longer courses for key personnel. It is also available as an open course.

TPM and Lean Maintenance

Here again the training is adapted to the aims. Seminars, workshops and courses are conducted as part of a development strategy.

Six Sigma (online)

WCM Consulting AB recommends Thomas Pyzdek's online seminars for Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt. Read more