Lean Maintenance Calculators

This is a collection of four of our most popular Plant Maintenance Calculators, now available in Microsoft Excel format.

The Excel versions use the same computations as our online calculators, but in the Excel versions you will be able to view the formulas and make changes. Also, off-line use is possible.

The package consists of:

  • OEE Calculator
  • Life Cycle Cost Calculator
  • Spare Parts Management Calculator
  • MTBF Calculator

Buy all of them for only $29 USD - a $51 value

Package - Lean Maintenance Calculators $29 USD

Individual Calculators

Spare Parts Management Calculator - Excel Format

Spare Parts Calculator in Excel format $19 USD

Life Cycle Cost Calculator - Excel Format

LCC Calculator in Excel format $14 USD

OEE Calculator - Excel format

OEE Calculator in Excel format $9 USD

MTBF Calculator - Excel format

MTBF / MTTR Calculator in Excel format $9 USD

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