Lean Six Sigma - Compare Costs and Quality

In this chart, four leading suppliers of online Six Sigma training are assessed.

The tables below compare features of the four systems, including costs, training quality, and the reputation of the certificate they provide.

The Pyzdek Institute Acuity Institute Six Sigma Online Villanova University
Green Belt Training $1,925 1,245 $395 $2,295
Black Belt Training $2,750 $1,795 $995 $4,095
Master Black Belt $5,895 N/A N/A $7,395
Textbook The Six Sigma Handbook, Thomas Pyzdek Lean Six Sigma Black Belt eBook The Six Sigma Handbook, Thomas Pyzdek Villanova Six Sigma Black Belt Handbook
Textbook cost Included $200 $100 $99.95
Certification Requirements Online Exam
Real-world project
Online Exam
Simulated/Real-world project
Online Exam
Hypothetical Project
Online Exam
Simulated course project
Exam cost Included Included
(Real-world project +$400)
Included $370
Instruction support Coaching by Thomas Pyzdek Instructor support E-mail Two-way online voice communication
Software Minitab and Quality companion SigmaXL, Minitab Not included Not included
Minitab cost Included $1445 N/A N/A
Online features Streaming video, Moodle learning system, webinars, videos Multi-media format, Interactive simulations, Quizzes Online exam,Flash presentations Streaming video or CD-ROM, Online learning system, Live chat rooms and email
Six Sigma "Guru" Thomas Pyzdek N/A N/A George Eckes
Training quality rating 4-5 4 2 5
Reputation of certificate 5 3-4 2 3-4
Comments Recognized certification as a real project is needed. Thomas Pyzdek's name has a good reputation Real-world project possible at extra cost but is not required Low price, Not interactive, Based on textbook training Extensive training, Certification does not require real-world project. Highest cost

Please contact me if you find any errors in this chart


Name: J-D
Subject: Six sigma training in Switzerland

Dear Sir,
I found your website looking for information about six sigma training in Switzerland and thought that you could be of great help to clarify some points. I am R&D manager in a small company where I am also involoved with production and quality control issues. I am interested to get trained and certified in lean and six sigma to optimize the production and development approach of the company I am working for and to be more attractive on the job market. Being mainly in active in R&D I am also interested in DFSS and DFR.

Now the min question is what kind of training is best for me knowing that we don't have large amount of money for such training in this company and that I will probably ending up paying for it myself for the moment. From you chart the The Pyzdek Institute online training seems to be the best option but is online training really well recognized in industry or is it better to aim for a "standard course" but at a much higher cost.

I would very much appreciate any feedback and suggestion on how to choose either a standard or online course.

Best regards

Hi J-D,

Thanks for your e-mail.

Hi J-D, Thanks for your e-mail.

I think the training quality is the same if you compare on-line and classroom training. Also, when it comes to recognition, I like the Pyzdek Institute as they require real-world projects for their exam and the fact that Thomas Pyzdek himself is well recognized. If you want to use the certificate for your CV, I think that real-world results are the only thing that is important for a recruiter.

What you will miss on-line however is contact with colleagues nearby, even if chat-rooms can give some help. Also, you will miss any "Switzerland specific" issues that may be important, for example, cultural differences that local tutors may know about.

Whatever option you ultimately choose, try to find a good project in your company and make a good result as that is what matters.



Name: Isaac
Subject: Question about Six Sigma Certification Chart

I am contemplating enrolling in the Villanova University Green Belt Certification program. Your chart was very enlightning but not clear about whether the Villanova certification was a recognized certification or not. Would you be so kind to give me your thoughts about the program and whether it is a recognized program or not. Thanks

Hello Isaac,

I think the green belt certification is fine. The issue with Villanova is that their Black Belt certification does not require a real-life project. Therefore people may think that it is too easy to pass the exam.



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