Requirement analysis and support for the implementation of OEE measurement

I believe that far too many companies invest in production monitoring systems without first having carried out a proper resource analysis.

As a result you sometimes pay for expensive systems and get results which you could equally well have achieved with a clock, a calculator and a day's production.

Others create complicated Excel spreadsheets but would achieve a lot more with automated systems.

A common problem is that you extract a load of information but have no strategy as to how to use this information in the improvement process.

This is why I offer the following services, regardless of the provider you use, to companies that are considering OEE systems but require guidance along the way.

- Conduct workshops and training

- Calculate Return on Investment and other investment calculations

- Determine the correct level of system support required (from Excel to company-wide real-time systems)

- Prioritize which equipment is most  important to track

- Introduce an efficient improvement program based on measurement

- Set up requirement  analyses or demand specifications

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